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Getting Off The Sex Offender Registry In Bremerton And Other Washington Communities

We Can Help You Get Off The Washington State Sex Offender Registry

There is no greater stigma in our society than being labeled a "registered sex offender." It can affect your employment, your ability to obtain housing, your security clearance, even your friendships. But the good news is that in some instances, it may be possible to be relieved of sex offender registration.

Are You Listed On Washington's Sex Offender Registry? We Can Help.

If you have been on the Washington sex offender registry for a number of years, you may qualify to be removed. The Law Office of Thomas E. Weaver can help you fight to get your name removed. We represent clients who are listed on the Washington sex offender registry due to a sex crime conviction in Washington or because they currently reside in Washington and were convicted in another state. The Law Office of Thomas E. Weaver does not handle removal from sex offender registries in other states.

Getting Off The Sex Offender Registry In Bremerton And Other Washington Communities

Contact our offices for a free consultation to discuss how to get off the sex offender registry in Washington. Defense attorney Tom Weaver will give you a clear, honest assessment of your circumstances and whether your petition is likely to be accepted.

What Will Be Required To Get Off The Sex Offender Registry?

The statutory criteria for petitioning to be relieved of sex offender registration are complex and difficult to navigate. The requirements vary significantly, depending upon your status at the time of your conviction and how the local courts interpret your sentence. If you were a juvenile at the time of your conviction, different requirements will be applied. Complicating matters is the fact that the criteria are not uniformly interpreted from one county to the next. Some counties have set out additional criteria that must be complied with.

Petition to be removed from the sex offender registry: In most cases, your petition must be made in the county where your sex offense conviction occurred. If you were convicted in another state, but currently reside in Washington, your petition is filed in the county in which you reside.

In addition to helping you fight to end your registration requirements, we can help you fight additional charges and penalties if you have failed to register, per the terms of your initial sentence.

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If you have questions about getting off the sex offender registry, we are here to help. Contact us today online or by telephone at 360-362-4327 or toll free at 888-448-6528 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Bremerton criminal defense lawyer. We represent clients from Kitsap County and throughout Washington.