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Whether your criminal case is a felony, misdemeanor, or juvenile case, Mr. Weaver will work tirelessly on your behalf.  Almost everyone wants to keep themselves out of jail and keep their record clean and Mr. Weaver will do his best to accomplish that.  Mr. Weaver also understands that it is the collateral consequences, such as preventing sex offender registration, getting rid of a no contact order, or saving your driver’s license, are frequently worse than the jail time. 

Traffic, Juvenile, Felony, Misdemeanor


Many people engaged in routine fights with their spouses or family members suddenly find themselves incarcerated, unable to go home, and unable to see their wives/husbands, and children.  Domestic violence cases are a unique form of criminal offense and must be dealt with uniquely. 

Alcohol, Marijuana, Narcotics


Spousal Abuse, Property Damage, Restraining Orders


Mr. Weaver has worked on hundreds of rape, child rape/molestation, and child pornography cases.  These cases are particularly difficult because of the stigma our society attaches to them.  Conviction for a sex offense will result in lengthy incarceration, probation (frequently for the rest of your life), and lifetime registration.  Having an experienced attorney representing you from the beginning can have a huge impact on the quality of the rest of your life. Do you have an old case that is causing you to have to register years later?  Mr. Weaver frequently represents people in getting rid of their sex offender registration status.

Getting pulled over for a DUI for alcohol or Marijuana can have a long term impact on your driver’s license and insurance.  Handeling the case correctly from the beginning can save you lots of heart ache later. Most drug offenses are charged as a result of police searches and activity.  Search and seizure law under the Fourth Amendment is very complex.  Mr. Weaver has argued hundreds of suppression motions, both in the trial court and on appeal and is familiar with all the subtleties of this area of the law.


Rape, Molestation, Registration

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